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SANNO Techno-Arts Co., Ltd.

737 Ishikawa-machi, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0032 Japan

Nov. 29, 1967

45,000,000 JPY

Yu Tanaka

Screen Printing, Letterpress Printing, Inkjet Printing

  1. Producing Placards for Railway Vehicles, Placards and Decals for Aircraft and Industrial Labels and Stickers for Outdoor.

  2. Producing and Applicating Exterior Graphics for Aircraft and Railway Vehicles.

  3. Processing and Selling Special Films for Floors and Walls.

Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, JAMCO,

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, East Japan Railway,

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, The Kinki Sharyo, and others.

EN 9100:2018(FM 713997)

 (Technically Equivalent to AS9100D

                                            and JISQ 9100:2016)

ISO9001:2015 (JVAC-QM0707)
ISO27001:2013 (JVAC-IM0037)
Japan Federation of Printing Industories Green Printing Certificated Factory (G20001/G40001)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industories  MSJ4000 (MHIY-3024)
Japan Railway Rolling Stock & Machinery Association  Official Member (Kanto Area)

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